The Xbox 360 system Design Laboratory lets you customise a variety of aspects of the Xbox Wireless Control mechanism, from switch styles and colours to engraving and text. About June 9, Microsoft created four fresh pastel hues and patterns towards the lineup. These kinds of colors and patterns could be combined with distinctive grips and Bluetooth support to give your controller a completely new look. The new controllers also come with complementing side caps in four different colours: Vitamin, Sandglow, Fire, and Black.

Unlike traditional CAD computer software, DesignLab enables you to personalise the appearance of every aspect of your Xbox Wi-Fi Controller. With more than a billion blends to choose from, you are able to create the ideal controller for your self. You can even own custom engravings on your control for added personal feel. The Xbox 360 system Design Lab is set to be for sale in 2021. It has received good reviews from users. Until then simply, you can download a free demo of the program to give it a try first.

The Designlab Xbox 360 will be available in 11 countries in the coming months. It's launched in Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Australia inside the coming several weeks. Moreover, the service can also be available in the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Norway, Slovakia, and Switzerland eventually this summer. Moreover, it will also be accessible in Taiwan later come early july. The Xbox Design Research laboratory is an innovative new approach to customise your Xbox 360.